iPhoto printings Pt. 2

29 10 2008

Παραθέτω μέρος της απάντησης μέσω e-mail της Apple, για το θέμα των iPhoto printings.

Thank you for contacting Apple Photo Services Customer Support.

When you make a purchase using iPhoto, Apple sends an authorization request to your credit card company for the approximate amount of the purchase. This is to verify that your account has sufficient credit to cover the amount of sale. It is a temporary authorization hold, not an actual charge. Most credit card companies remove authorization holds within 48 hours.

Please note that even an unsuccessful attempt to purchase an item may cause an authorization hold, depending upon how much of the transaction was completed, and multiple attempts can cause multiple authorization holds.

Όπως φαίνεται, μάλλον, όλα θα πάνε καλά. Περιμένω να ξανα γίνουν διαθέσιμα τα χρήματα στην κάρτα για να ξανακάνω την παραγγελία.

Μου έλειπε λίγο η γκρίνια μπορώ να πω τόσο καιρό. Ουφ ξέσκασα 😛




One response

29 10 2008

Μα κι εσύ… παράλογος άνθρωπος!!


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